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Home IMRAM 2010 tríd an gcoill

IMRAM 2010 - tríd an gcoill


tríd an gcoill by Séamas Cain is a poetic field recording. It evokes a walk through Dromore Wood in County Clare. It immerses the reader in a stream of words and word-clusters. The effect is hypnotic, as we are led by a pied piper into the wood. Slavek Kwi has created an audiovisual installation from recordings captured in Dromore Wood, and fused these with Cain’s recital of tríd an gcoill – creating a space in which one can experience nature through sounds and visions of uncanny beauty. Séamas Cain is an American poet, a friend and colleague of Jean Genet and Allen Ginsberg. One of the most radical voices in modern literature he writes in Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish and English. His work can be seen at Slavek Kwi is a sound-artist, composer and researcher. He operates under the name Artificial Memory Trace. For more information see


tríd an gcoill
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IMRAM 2013

10th -19th OCTOBER

IMRAM 2013
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